The power of a group

That Actia Telematics Services is part of the global and family-owned Actia group brings a lot of value to our users and integrators.
As the Belgian subsidiary specialized in software development of the group, we benefit from

  • automotive expertise
  • expertise with close relationships with automotive manufacturers allowing the integration of automotive standards
  • expertise with an industrial group allowing us to easily approach industrial projects and large accounts
  • but also the expertise in various markets and several countries

This openness allows us to see telematics and mobility from so many broad angles and to create high-value software solutions in the IoT and fleet management sectors.

The markets of Actia group

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A big family

The ACTIA group specializes in the design, manufacture and operation of electronics for the management of systems in the fields of automotive, aeronautics, railways, telecommunications networks or energy.

ACTIA's culture draws its richness from the pioneering spirit that has driven the group since its creation and from its industrial identity. All ACTIA branded products are designed in the group's design offices and manufactured in its factories according to quality standards that notably combine the requirements of the automotive and aeronautical sectors.

The ACTIA group is present in fifteen countries all over the world. This international dimension is an asset in supporting our clients as closely as possible to their local challenges. It is also a force at the service of the performance of the group's purchasing policy, industrial policy and innovation strategy.



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